Band Tee’s + Brick Walls

I love music, I love concerts, I love bands, and I love band tee’s. The most recent concert I attended was “Weezer”. It was amazing, and Ryan was nice enough to get me a shirt as a memorable souvenir.

I paired my band tee with high waisted vintage style shorts, a black leather jack and of course my go to white converse. Honestly, I had no intention of getting photos taken or posting about the outfit, but then when we got to the ballpark and saw the large red brick wall I had to.

This outfit is honestly so simple and casual but I think it’s cute and it works. Graphic tee’s have made a come back and I’m grateful they did, they are a signature piece that I don’t think will ever really go out of style.

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Shirt – Concert purchase

Shorts – American Eagle

Leather Jacket – H&M

Shoes – Converse

Weekend in Canmore

A couple weeks ago one of Ryan’s childhood friends said “I do”, and it was the most romantic thing i’ve ever witnessed. The backdrop of the wedding was the mountains (in Canmore), which was breathtaking, they said the most beautiful personal vows to each other and all the decorations were so rustic and vintage looking, it was honestly perfect. Everyone looked great and the weather was definitely on their side (which made the mountains that much prettier).

Getting to walk around and spend some quality family time in a little mountain town like Canmore is honestly like something out of a movie. It’s such a cute little town and it has the best local stores and restaurants.

This was Lukas’ first ever road trip and honestly I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. We are so blessed to live 3 hours away from such a beautiful place where we can have family trips like this that don’t out us in the poor house and it’s something we can do every year with the kids and they’ll enjoy it too. Point being, this was the perfect trip




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I could have eaten 80 of these donuts


Beach Days

Summer has officially arrived in Edmonton, which means we finally get to go to the beach! For an adult the beach is a place to relax, get a tan and maybe have a ice cold drink ( beer or ice coffee, whichever you prefer) but for a 1 year old the beach is a whole new world which needs exploring. Lukas was in and out of the water like a mad man, and we chased after him the whole time. It wasn’t all child’s play though, Ryan and I got to try paddle boarding for the first time (no pictures of us on the board because I didn’t want to loose my phone or camera). There are downsides to the beach however, sun burns and sand in uncomfortable places are inevitable. Regardless of the few minor set backs, it was the perfect day, with perfect weather and perfect company.















Look at the adorable baby gut

Birthdays + Warm Weather

So Edmonton is known for having the most bipolar weather in the world. One day it’s -30, the next it’s +5. Today was one of those +5 days. Today was also my youngest nephews 5th birthday party, and they celebrated at an indoor jungle gym.

Lukas was in baby heaven at this jungle gym, and I was in mommy hell. There’s no sitting for a mom with a 1 year old, surrounded by other small children who just had cake and pop, and a toddler play pen to himself. Look at that goofy smile!


When we finally left not only was I thrilled, but I was exhausted. When we got home, we didn’t get to relax though, we had to set up a new car seat in my car for Lukas. Naturally, he ran around all over the place. I took advantage of the warm weather (it’s supposed to get cold again tomorrow) and wore some cute shorts and shades and snapped some pics! Wasn’t summer weather yet so I had to throw on a rusty pink sweater, paired with some dirty converse and I was all set. DSC_0266 4.32.40 PMDSC_0269 4.32.40 PMDSC_0277DSC_0278DSC_0279DSC_0280DSC_0282

Family Weekend

Our lives are crazy busy, it’s always GO GO GO! when we get a chance to take Lukas to the park, we grab it by the horns. He such an energetic kid that it’s great to let him walk around and explore, he also loves the swings! I have never seen a kid look so cute on the swings before, but I’m bias.


I look very afraid in the photo above, and it’s because I am. I didn’t want to push him too hard!


Outfit Details.

Jacket : H&M

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Tank : Aritzia

Bag : Michael Kors

Shoes : Steve Madden

Cute Summer Bags

Warm wether is coming soon, which means women everywhere are getting ready to stock up on their spring/ summer wardrobe. One of the best accessories for summer is a new handbag. I came across a site recently that sells the cutest handmade (Canadian) handbags. The ladies at She Anna Bella were nice enough to give me discount code to share with my readers. Use my code and get 10% off an already super affordable (and cute!) handbag or accessory, I personally have my sights on their camera bags! Visit  She Anna Bella   and use my code MM10OFF. Enjoy!



Big Scarves, Leather jackets and ripped jeans

I live for casual, but I also strive for cute. Some day’s that seems almost impossible, but when it finally happens I have to get a photo (or two) for proof. This is pre hockey game, baby’s playing in the living room, impromptu-balcony photo shoot.


Scarf : Aritzia

Jacket : H&M

Jeans : Urban Outfitters

Boots : Steve Madden

Bag : Michael Kors